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Charging and Working Operation of the Cupola Furnace

Charging and Working Operation of the Cupola Furnace Points : Charging and Working Operation of the Cupola Cupola furnace heat contain not just the definite melting but also all the process which precede and follow the period through which iron is being melted. A sure cycle of events happen each time a heat is prepared, with the following steps:
  1. Remain slag hole, top hole and tuyeres open and watch the cupola during the peephole. This watching instance call the soaking period that is as of half hour to one hour.
  2. While the droplets of metal start trickling down during the coke openings and tapping from the tap hole. It is the lime to start the air blast.
  3. Pour the iron charge layer then coke layer turn by turn till the cupola is tilled up to the top. It is improved to contain the iron layer on the top.
  4. Layer of misted silica sand is to be prepared by pouring a thin layer of moulding sand bed.
  5. Light the wood with flaming cotton or firewood wood awash in oil during the tap hole.
  6. As the wooden pieces catch fire add some coke as of the coke bed charge.
  7. Again start the air blast with ready for receiving the molten metal.
  8. Restore the refractory lining of tap hole with slag hole.
  9. The followings tappings will be after each 8 minutes.
  10. Discontinue the air bott the tap hole and slag hole.
  11. Slag will be taped after to iron tappings.
  12. Add metal layer charge plus limestone.
  13. Add coke layer charge.
  14. Add coke layer charge.
  15. Stop the air blast.

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