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Zones of the Cupola Furnace

Zones of the Cupola Furnace Points : Zones of the Cupola Furnace Start at the base of a cupola its different zones are:
1. Reducing Zone
2. Tuyeres Zone
3. Combustion Zone
4. Stack
5. Crucible Zone
6. Preheating Zone
7. Melting Zone
1. Reducing Zone Various time call the protective zone expand as of combustion zone to top of the coke bed. This is 15 to 30 inches of the coke bed. At this time CO 2 gas reacts by carbon to form CO.
C02 + C →2 CO
Heat of this zone is on 1200°C, it take away any enduring oxygen as of the gases. Its purpose is to protect the iron with other element as of oxidizing influences and to regulate the effectiveness of
2. Tuyeres Zone Which take up the gap as of the base to top of the tuyeres. This gap as of 2 to 6 in depth depending upon the size of furnace. 3. Combustion Zone Combustion zone is expanding as of the top of tuyeres to a conjectural surface edge, under which all the oxygen of blast is use up. At this time extreme flame in of coke occur. This is zone, as of 6 to 12 inches in depth, is here the burning lakes place remove all free oxygen as of the blast and produce heat in enough amount for necessities of each zone of cupola. Silica and manganese are oxidized to Sio2 and Mno correspondingly in this zone. 4. Stack Stack which carries the gases as of the preheating zone to atmosphere. These gases signify zone a great waste of heat. The temperatures of gases vary as of 400 °C to 200 °C. It is placed over the charging door. Roof hood is generally fastened to the stack to stop leaks about the cupola and a spark arrester is also attach to the stack in order to prevent the sparks with stop them as of being widely scattered. It also prevents the cupola lining as of raining cause. 5. Crucible Zone Which take up the space among the base of the tuyeres and the sand base? It is after call hearth of the cupola furnace. It hold the molten metal according to diameter of cupola. 6. Preheating Zone Which contain all the layers of iron with Coke over the melting zone to charging door. It serve to heat the charge by the outgoing hot gases. Temperature of gases about 700°C which might be utilized to heat blast air in hot blast cupolas. 7. Melting Zone Initial layer of iron over the coke bed with its purpose is to change iron as of the solid to liquid state. As of there iron drops down during the coke to base of the cupola where it is collect.

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