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Friday, 4 April 2014

Operation of a Single Shaft Gas Turbine

Operation of a Single Shaft Gas Turbine Points : Operation of a Single Shaft Gas Turbine If the gas turbine is required to operate at a fixed speed and fixed load condition such as in peak load power generation scheme. The single shaft arrangement may be suitable.
Flexibility of operation the rapidity with which the machine can accommodate itself to changes of load and rotational speed. And sufficiency at part load, are in this case unimportant. Indeed the effectively high inertia due to the drag of the compressors an advantage because it reduces the danger of over speeding in the event of a loss of electrical load. A heat exchanger might be added to improve the thermal efficiency, all through the given size of plant the power output could be reduced by as much as 10 % due to frictional pressure losses in the heat-exchanger, the use of a heat exchanger would be completed only if running hours were high.

This fig-shows modified from proposed for use when the fuel pulverized coal such that the products of combustion contain constituents which crude or erode the turbine blades. It is much less efficient than the normal cycle because the heat exchanger inevitably les then perfect is transferring the whole energy input instead of merely a small part of it. Such a cycle only be considered if a supply of dirty" fuel was available at very low cost.

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