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Construction and Working of Closed Cycles Gas Turbine

Construction and Working of Closed Cycles Points : Construction and Working of Closed Cycles Construction In the construction way the closed cycle design is quit typical than open cycle designed in this case the turbine and compressor coupled together through a rooter. Shaft, further turbine is directly connected with combustion chamber through heat surface and it turbine also connect. To regenerator through tuber the regenerator further contact with water cooler through tube it further contact with compressor. The compressor further contact with regenerator with tube regenerator contacts with combustion chamber through the heat surface, then again combustion chamber connect with the turbine through tubes. Now this typical construct completes the closed cycle system designed. Working In the closed cycle the same working fluid (air or some other stable gases) is constantly circulated. The fuels burnt in the combustion chamber and the heat is transferred to the working medium through heat transfer surface. Thus the working medium does not mix with the product of combustion. The working medium is cooled in the water cooler before it enters the compressor. This minimizes compressor work. Some of the gasses used in closed cycle gas turbine plant are as follows.
1. Helium
2. Krypton
3. Hydrogen

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