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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Classification of Grinders

Classification of Grinders Points : Classification of Grinders Machine, Classification of grinding machine, Tool and cutter grinder, Surface grinder, Universal cylindrical grinder, Thread grinder, Plain cylindrical grinder There is an extensive variety of grinding machines use in mechanical and other engineering work-shops. The main classifications of grinders are as below:
1. Tool and cutter grinder
2. Surface grinder
3. Universal cylindrical grinder
4. Thread grinder
5. Plain cylindrical grinder
1. Tool and cutter grinder Tool grinder is also known as Cutter grinder, are used lathe shaped with planer tool bit is sharpening on stand tool grinder by hand. Used for sharpen tools and cutters by exact angles with tip clearances tool and cutter grinder is use. Tables have tool cutter head on which the cutter is mounting for sharpen. The wheel head has dual wheel rising of requisite shape and diameter. Dry and wet grind is feasible. Generally high speed steel cutters are sharpening dry. 2. Surface grinder Surface grinders are uses while cylindrical and that surfaces need extra face finish with exactness the grinding process is perform. While flat surfaces are to be over surface grinder is use. Smooth rectangular table has longitudinal movement on which work piece is clamp below grinding wheel. Metallic work piece are straight held on magnetic bench. 3. Universal cylindrical grinder Universal cylindrical grinders are used for grinding outside with inside cylindrical face of work piece. Other holding process is like to that of plain cylindrical grinder. Wheel head has dual ends for rising wheel for outside grinding at one end with internal grinding wheel and other end. 4. Thread grinder Thread grinder is a particular machine use to grind the threads on machine parts requires extra precision and smoothness. Threads of tap, Die, Chaser and threads on spindle end of a micrometer are ground on machine. 5. Plain cylindrical grinder Plain cylindrical grinders are use for outside grinding of plain cylindrical work pieces precisely. Work-piece is held among grindings in work head and turn at preferred speed. Grinding wheel of appropriate abrasive grains is mounting on spindle end of wheel head. Wheel is revolving at the preferred speed with fed besides revolving work piece.

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