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Shaper Machine Work Piece and Tool Adjustment

Work Piece and Tool Adjustment Points : Work Piece and Tool Adjustment Shaper Machine As before shaping a part, it is required to set up the job with cutting tool on shaper accurately for the process. Two adjustments have to be prepared on ram proceeding to machining work piece. Initial, the stroke length has to be adjusted. It is ready by turning stroke adjusting shaft or stroke selector. The majority of shapers contain a scale on ram by a pointer to point out the length of stroke. Stroke length is adjusted while the ram is in its excessive return place. It is generally set about 25mm longer than the length of work to be machined. Second adjustment is for position the tool. Ram is familiar so ram move machines the whole length of work for accurate position of ram to be set, the ram have to be at the intense return place of stroke. Slacken the hand clamp and crank ram place shaft until loosen the hand clamp with crank ram place shaft until the cutting tool clears the start of work by fairly accurate. This process automatically allocate at the end of the work piece.

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