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Drilling Operations

Drilling Operations Points : Drilling Operations, Drilling process, Counter boring, Counter Sinking, Tapping, Spot faring, Reaming, Drilling, Boring, Lapping, Core Drilling Drilling Operations might also be finished on drill press such as:
1. Counter boring
2. Counter-Sinking
3. Tapping
4. Spot faring
5. Reaming
6. Drilling
7. Boring
8. Lapping
9. Core Drilling
1. Counter Boring Counter boring is method of machining a cylindrically shaped hole in a before drill hole. Counter bore provide a recess for cap-screws, bolt heads with fillister head screws. Slower RPM is use with correct depth is important to make sure correct tit of fastener in hole. Counter bores are presented in several sizes with straight or taper shank.
2. Counter Sinking Countersinking is machining a conical shaped recess in a before drill hole. The majority ordinary countersinks existing are 60°, center holes machine screws with various rivets contain an angle aircraft rivets have an angle of 10° and need countersink. Countersinking speed is concerning one forth RPM of drill.
3. Tapping Taping process on a drill press is prepared in two methods. Tapping attachments contain a friction clutch to slips and stops rotation of tap in start to stick. They moreover contain a reverse method that reverses rotation of tap this is prepared by reversing feed direction on drill press while the hole has been tapped to finish length.
4. Spot Facing Spot facers are like to counter bores with are use to machine surfaces upright to hole axis to give a level seat for threaded fasteners.
5. Reaming Drilled hole is constantly bigger than diameter of drill. While a round hole by straight with flat walls is required. Reaming is a process of sizing, aligning and smooth a drilled hole through use of a reamer.
6. Drilling This operation of creation a circular hole by remove a volume of metal as of job through a rotating cutting tool called drill. Drilling removes solid metal as of job to create a round hole. Previous to drilling, hole is placed with drawing two lines at right angle with a center punch is use to create an groove for drill point at center to facilitate the drill in getting happening. A proper drill is held in drill machine with drill machine is used to to operate at right cutting speed.
7. Boring Boring is a process of enlarge a presented hole by a single point cutting tool. Boring operation is frequently prefer as we can correct hole size, or alignment and can produce smooth finish. Boring tool is held in boring bar which has shank. Accuracy of ±0.005mm can be achieve.
8. Lapping Lapping is operation of sizing, finishing a hole through removing extremely small quantity of material by means of an abrasive. Abrasive material is kept in contact by the sides of hole that is designate lapped, with use of lapping tool.
9. Core Drilling Core drilling is a main operation, which is perform on radial drilling machine for create a circular hole, which is deep in solid metal by means of revolving tool called drill.

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