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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Types of Forging

Types of Forging Points : Types of Forging, Machine Forging, Drop Forging or Stamping, Upset Forging, Hand or Smith Forging 1. Machine Forging
2. Drop Forging
3. Upset Forging
4. Hand or Smith Forging
1. Machine Forging Machine forging method is complete below forge hammers or press.When a common rule heavy forgings are created by presses and light forging by hammers. In this the press action carried exclusively on the centre of the part. Press forging are smooth in surface, give a closer tolerance than is obtain by a fall hammer. 2. Drop Forging Drop Forging is prepared by press the metal at forging warmth also by impact or pressure. In this process the flow of metal is controlled by dies the metal gets its shape. To make sure correct flow of metal, the process is separated in a number of steps. Number of steps varies according to the size and shape. Last operation is call triming where the glut thin section of metal extends about the forging is trimmed off. 3. Upset Forging Upset forging is a push type machine which spreads and gathers the metal. It works in a horizontal place and is double acting. Bolt header is an upsetting machine. 4. Hand or Smith Forging Smith Forging type the shaping of metal is passed out by also hand tools or among flat dies in a steam hammer. Correctness depends upon the ability of the blacksmith. It is mostly use for restore or preservation work and in the assembly of small piece and tools.

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