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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

High Pressure and Low Pressure Welding Torch

High Pressure and Low Pressure Welding Torch Points : High Pressure and Low Pressure Welding Torch, Blow pipe High Pressure Welding Torch High Pressure Welding Torch has of different channel (connected to hoses) which combine in a cavity. One of these channels is for oxygen and the other for acetylene. Together these gases are varied in the chamber and then driven out during the orifice of the blowpipe nozzle by the preferred speed. These nozzles are generally recognized as tips and are prepared identical so that the similar blow pipe can be use for different sizes of the tips. Low Pressure Welding Torch Low Pressure Welding Torch is making to work on the values of an Injector. The cause for such a design is that the pressure of acetylene that can be obtain as of the generator is also low work for oxygen to be drawn at a significantly high pressure range from 0.5kg/square cm. In this blow pipe oxygen at high pressure is prepared to pass during the Injector kind nozzle which in doing so draws the acetylene along by it to the mixing chamber and after that to the outlet of the tip.

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