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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Types of Drilling Machines

Types of Drilling Machines Points : Types of Drilling Machines, describe each, Multiple spindles drill press, Back geared upright drill press, Hand Feed Drill Press, Gang Drilling Machine, Hand DrillRadial drill press, Portable Electric Drill There are various types and kind of drilling machines presented in market with a few of mainly popular drilling machines use in mechanical workshops are as below:
1. Multiple Spindles Drill Press
2. Back Geared Upright Drill Press
3. Hand Feed Drill Press
4. Gang Drilling Machine
5. Hand Drill
6. Radial Drill Press
7. Portable Electric Drill
1. Multiple Spindles Drill press Multiple spindles drill press is a drilling machine has a number of spindles fixed firmly to major spindle by universal joints. Every of these spindles hold a drill with all the drills run at one time, so drilling at one time as a lot of holes as there are drills. This machine is moreover use in mass production. It’s a huge time saver where a lot of pieces every have a number of holes contain to be drilled. It does gone by setting lip the job several times. One machine does work of many machines and space that these machines would or else occupy is saving.
2. Back Geared Upright Drill Press This machine is similar to sensitive drill press but that it is larger with more influential. It has gears for changing speeds. These gears are calling back gears. Moreover also feeding by hand as on the sensitive drill press, this machine has an automatic feed to uses power to lower drill. Larger drills be able to use than in the sensitive drill.
3. Hand Feed Drill Press Small light work might be drill on hand feed drill press. It is a small press in which just smaller drills are use. It possibly single which sets on bench call a bench drill or it can be a floor model. Its simplest drill press with perhaps call sensitive as one can feel how drill is cutting with to control down reed pressure consequently.
4. Gang Drilling Machine Gang drill is a drilling machine in which two or other drill presses are ganged through in to one machine. Every spindle possibly runs unaccompanied. This machine is use in mass production wherever dissimilar drill press process is finished one after another. Few works possibly finished by one spindle with then passed to next spindle for next process and almost immediately. One spindle can hold a small drill, a second may hold a large drill, a third may hold a countersink, and so on the work is accordingly passed along table as of spindle to next.
5. Hand Drill Common drilling tool, which is use for extremely high work is recognized as hand drill. It is held by the left hand as right hand turn back which causes drill to turn. The left hand have to press hard sufficient to create drill cut.
6. Radial Drill Press Radial drill press has a mutable arm on which spindle is mount. The spindle possibly moved as set at unusual distance as of the post or column. The arm can also be swing approximately to left or right. The arm possibly raises or lowers so that work of different height might be drilled. Radial drill press is use for large and heavy work such as machine frames, which can be motivated simply to drill numerous holes. It is, thus, required to shift position of drill.
7. Portable Electric Drill Small drilling machine, which be able to passed as of job to job basis is handy electric drill. It can be run as of any electric light socket.

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