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Principles of Oxy Acetylene Welding

Principles of Oxy Acetylene Welding Points : Principles of Oxyacetylene Welding, Describe the principles of oxyacetylene welding Oxyacetylene welding is known as fusion welding process; the coalescence of metals is formed by an oxygen-acetylene flame. Excessive heat is concerted on the border or on the edge and surface of the pieces of metal being connected until the molten metal flows jointly. Anything a filler metal must be use to whole the resolute by the type of joint propose. Filler metals as added by insert it into the molten puddle of the bottom metals. The puddle after that solidifies creation the weld bead. The very high heat depends on the combination of two types of gaseous matter, oxygen and acetylene. Oxygen supports higher burning, acetylene being the fuel for burning. Welding is making easy if surfaces are clean and freed from foreign matter by wire brushing, sand blasting or machining impurities be liable to fail a weld, reason metal to be also brittle or filled by gas or slag insertion.

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