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Importance of Welding

Importance of Welding Points : Importance of Welding, Explain the importance of welding Welding is a process by which metals possibly attached by heat them to a right temperature with or with no the function of pressure and with or with no the use of filler metal. The filler metal also has a melting point about the similar as that of the work piece metal or small lesser except about 430°C. Lot of growth in welding techniques has in use place and the function of this method is so much wide-spread that there is no metal engineering and no branch of engineering where welding is not used in one form or the other. In all type of engineering airplane industries, oil fields large gauges, sheet metal shops, shipyards and in building constructions, agriculture industries and steel fabrications it is widely used. Even the joining of a variety of metals and alloys which were careful not possible to join by old methods has been effectively tackled by modern welding method. Between the metal joining method welding is a faster method.

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