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Difference between Soldering and Brazing

Difference between Soldering and Brazing Points : difference between soldering and brazing, comprasion between soldering and brazing, soldering vs brazing
Difference between Soldering and Brazing
1.Low temperature is sufficient.High temperature is required.
2.Temperature requirement is up to 450°C in soldering joints.Temperature might go to 600°C in brazing joints.
3.Soldered parts are to be clean by water.Brazed parts are to be allowed to cool slowly.
4.Joints are not extremely strong.Joints are extremely strong.
5.Chlorides of zinc and rosin are use as flux.Ash or borax is use as flux.
6.Preheating of workpieces before soldering is good for creation good quality joint.Preheating is desirable to make strong joint as brazing is carried out at comparatively low temperature.
7.Solder is used in this process.Spelter is used in this process.
8.Proper only for thin similar sheet metals.Proper even for thicker similar or dissimilar metal parts.
9.No heat treatment is necessary.No heat treatment is necessary after brazing.
10.Costs are less.Costs is more.

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