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Monday, 3 February 2014

Defects or Faults in Welding

Defects or Faults in Welding Points : most common defects or faults in welding
  1. Also thin angle consequences in poor fusion slag addition and feeble welding. As well extensive angle results in excess of welding. Over-heating and locked up stresses.
  2. Arc carry welds are generally create inside circular matter. Such welds are shape lees, contain no surface pattern. These welds have no charge and should be removed.
  3. These welds are also known un-chipped welds. It is generally the work of a not careful welder and un-chipped welds forever give rise to doubt and never dependable.
  4. Cracking arises due to wrong electrodes or incorrect procedure. Cracked welds have to be cut out. Never weld more than the top of the fracture.
  5. Inadequate gas which reason poor diffusion, slag, addition and porous welds.
  6. Craters occur on the ends of the welds which are subjected to teaming act.
  7. Under cutting which decrease the power of parent metal.
  8. Not the same leg size of Fillet Welds.

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