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Monday, 3 February 2014

Fusion (Pressure) Welding and Non-Fusion (Non-pressure) Welding

Fusion (Pressure) Welding and Non-Fusion (Non-pressure) Welding Points : Fusion (Pressure) Welding and Non-Fusion (Non-pressure) Welding Fusion (Pressure) Welding Fusion welding occupies the heating of the joint surface to the heat range in which the base metal of the parts to be connected turn into plastic and after that the two parts are attached jointly by apply pressure on them. No extra filler metal is use. Example of fusion welding
(a) Cold pressure welding
(b) Resistance welding
(c) Pressure gas welding
(d) Blacksmith welding
Non-Fusion (Pressure) Welding Gas welding contains all the method in which gas flames are use as heat cause for the fusion of metal. Non-fusion welding is every method of amalgamation metals that involve melt the present such as arc, gas and so on. It is extra sub-divided in the following type.
(a) Oxy-hydrogen
(b) Oxy-acetylene
(c) Air-Acetylene

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