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Classification of Welding

Classification of Welding Points : Classification of Welding or Types of Welding, Non-Pressure or Fusion Welding Process, Pressure Welding Process, Gas Welding Welding process is classifying two main classes.
(1) Non-pressure or fusion welding processes
(2) Pressure welding processes
(1) Non-Pressure or Fusion Welding Process Non-Pressure welding is also known as Fusion Welding Process it is occupied the heating of the joint surfaces to a heat over the melting point of the base metal of the parts to be joined. This method the fusion of base metal obtain place and the two parts are joined with no the function of any pressure. Fusions welding involve the use of an extra filler metal during electrode. Fusion welding contain the follow major process
(1) Thermit welding
(2) Braze welding
(3) Gas welding
(4) Arc welding
(2) Pressure Welding Process This welding mixed up the heating of joint surfaces to the heat range in which the base metal of the parts elect joined happen to plastic and then the two parts are joined jointly by apply pressure on them. No extra filler metal is use,example of Pressure Welding
(1) Cold pressure welding
(2) Pressure gas welding
(3) Blacksmith welding
(4) Resistance welding

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