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Difference between Semiconductors and Insulators

Difference between Semiconductors and Insulators Points : difference between semiconductors and insulators, comparision between semiconductors and insulators, semiconductors vs insulators
Difference between Semiconductors and Insulators
1.In semiconductor effect of resistance is decrease and effect of temperature is amplify.In insulator effect of resistance is decreases and cause of temperature is increases.
2.They require energy less than insulators and more than good conductors to eliminate an electron from the parent atom.They require extremely large electric field to remove them from the attraction of nucleus.
3.The conductivity of semiconductor is sensible.The conductivity of insulator is very low.
4.These are the materials whose valence electrons are bound rather loosely to their atom.There are materials in which valence electrons use are bound extremely highly to their parent atom.
5.It has sensible resistivity.It has extremely high resistivity.
6.It has small forbidden gap.It has large forbidden gap.

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