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Construction of Wire Ropes

Construction of Wire Ropes Points : construction of wire ropes Wire ropes are prepared as of different grades of steel wire have a tensile strength ranging as of 1200 to 2400 MPa as given away in table:
Wires are first certain particular heat action and then cold drawn in order to contain high strength and durability of rope. Steel wire ropes are affected through special machines. Initially, a number of wires for example 7, 19 or 37 are perverse into a strand and then a number of strands, generally 6 or 8 are perverse on a core or centre to form rope. Core can be prepared of hemp, asbsestos, jute or a wire of softer steel. Core has to be constantly saturated by lubricant for long life of core with the whole rope. Asbestos or soft wire core is use while ropes are subjected to radiant heat for example cranes operating close to furnaces. Though, a wire core decrease flexibility of rope and therefore such ropes are use just where they are subjected to high compression as in case of several layers wound above a rope drum.

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