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Classification of Wire Ropes

Classification of Wire Ropes Points : classification of wire ropes, cross or regular lay ropes, parallel or lang lay ropes, composite or reverse laid ropes According to way of twist of individual wires and that of strands, relative to each other, wire ropes can be classified as: 1. Cross or regular lay ropes This type of ropes, direction of twist of wires in strands is reverse to direction of twist of the stands, as shown in Fig. Such type of ropes is mainly popular.
2. Parallel or lang lay ropes In this type of rope, direction of twist of wires in strands is similar as that of strands in rope, These ropes contain better bearing surface except is harder to join and twists extra simply as loaded. These ropes are more elastic and resists wear more efficiently. As such ropes have the tendency to spin, thus these are use in lifts and hoists by guide ways and too as moving ropes.
3. Composite or reverse laid ropes In this types of ropes, wires in the two closest strands are twisted in opposite direction.
Note: Direction of lay of ropes can be right handed or left handed, depend upon whether the strands type right hand or left hand helixes, except right hand lay ropes are mainly regularly use.

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