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Monday, 2 March 2015

Measuring Instruments - True and False

Measuring Instruments - True and False Points : measuring instruments, mechanical engineering, metrology, mechanical technology, mcqs, evaluation, judgment, gauging, rating, consideration, analysis, examination, workup, test, review, objective type question and answer, true and false True and False
  1. Line graduated rules and tapes are used for directly length comparison and they have no auxiliary devices. T
  2. A tap measure of 25 or even 1000 feet cannot wind into a relatively small container. F
  3. Scale should be used as scraper or screw driver. F
  4. The simplest and most common direct reading linear measuring instrument is the machinists rule. T
  5. The machinists rule is not and end or line matching device. F
  6. The angle of V-block greatly not influences the dimension of error of circularity. F
  7. Engineer’s parallels are generally supplied in pairs. T
  8. The straight edges may be made in either aluminum or copper. F
  9. Inside micrometer caliper has U-shape frame and spindle. F
  10. A micrometer reads only over a 25 mm range to cover a wide range of dimensions. T
  11. The box type of engineer’s parallels are made of close grained cast iron. T
  12. A straight edge is a measuring tool which consist of a length of steel. T
  13. The angle is defined as the opening between two lines which meet at a point. T
  14. In inside micrometer, the desired is not obtained by assembly measuring rods and lapped gauges. F
  15. Micrometers are designed on the principle of “Screw” and “Nut”. T
  16. The major feature of the vernier caliper is the auxiliary scale. T
  17. Micrometers are also available for inside measurements. T
  18. Scale should never be used to remove scarf from the machine tool table “Tee” slots. T
  19. Steel rule works on the basic measuring technique comparing an unknown length to the one previously calibrated. T
  20. The end of the scale must be set with the edge of the part to be measured. F
  21. When caliper is used to measure the outside diameter it must be held in hand with its nut between forefinger and thumb. T
  22. Outside calipers are designed to measure inside dimension. F
  23. Measuring taps flexibility allows for a measure of great length to be easily carried in pocket or tool kit. T
  24. The protractor in combination set contains a semi circular disc graduated from 0 to 90 on either of centre. T
  25. Indirect reading instruments contain line graduations. F
  26. The vernier caliper is an end measuring instruments available in various sizes. T
  27. Several attachments can be added to a machinists rule to extend its usefulness. T
  28. Spirit level has an unrelieved flat base of steel, hardened and lapped. T
  29. Most micrometers are equipped with a ratchet or a friction device. T
  30. Vernier has jaws on both side for external & internal measurements and a blade for height measurement. F

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