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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Comparators - Fill in the Blanks

Comparators - Fill in the Blanks Points : comparators, measuring instruments, mechanical engineering, metrology, mechanical technology, mcqs, evaluation, judgment, gauging, rating, consideration, analysis, examination, workup, test, review, objective type question and answer, fill in the blanks Fill in the Blanks
  1. Heating of coils in measuring unit may cause zero drift and after the calibration in Electrical comparator.
  2. Usually the mechanical comparators have Linear scale which is easily understood.
  3. The comparators are generally used for Linear measurements.
  4. The mechanical comparators have more moving parts, the friction is more ultimately the accuracy is Less.
  5. The range of the instrument is Limited as the pointer moves over a fixed scale in mechanical comparator.
  6. An important consideration in the design of all optical comparators is that the mirrors used must be of Front deflection type.
  7. The tool maker’s microscope is an Optical measurement machine.
  8. Johanssan Mikrokator works on the principle of a button spinning of loop of string.
  9. The limiting dimensions permitted by a given tolerance are called limits.
  10. “Go” and “Not Go” gauges must be fulfill Taylor’s principle.
  11. Mechanical comparators usually have a Linear scale.
  12. Electrolimit gauge was one of the first electrical comparators to be made available.
  13. Sigma comparator has got a bold scale and large indicator pointer.
  14. “Go” and “Not Go” gauges can be built up by using Slip gauge blocks, their accessories.
  15. LVDT works on Mutual inductance principle.
  16. The two magnifies are sumprimposed the resultant system is known as Microscope.
  17. Optical comparator instruments are usually based on principle of the reflection of light on a Mirror.
  18. The comparator should at least be able to record variations of 0.0025 mm.
  19. Reed comparator is a Mechanical comparator.
  20. In optical microscope, eye piece consist of two main lens units (i) Field lens, and (ii) Eye lens.
  21. The zeiss ultra-optimeter system of instruments involves double Reflection of light.
  22. In nonnative comparator the apparatus is not easily Portable and is rather elaborate for many industrial application.
  23. Pneumatic comparators requires elaborate auxiliary equipment such as accurate Pressure regulator.
  24. Electrical comparator is usually more expensive than Mechanical instruments.
  25. Pneumatic comparators is possible to have very high Magnification.
  26. An electro mechanical device which converts a mechanical displacement into in Electrical input signal.
  27. The scale is generally not uniform in Pneumatic comparators.
  28. Optical comparators has very high Magnification.
  29. Optical lever is Weight less in optical comparator.
  30. In mechanical comparators the mechanism had more inertia and this mat cause the instruments to be sensitive to Vibration.
  31. Comparators can be used as working gauges to prevent work spoilage and to maintain required tolerances at all stages of manufacturing.
  32. A comparator compares the unknown dimensions of part with some standard or Master setting.
  33. Mechanical comparators are usually cheaper in comparison to other devices of amplifying.
  34. Comparators uses in mass production, where components are to be checked very Fast rate.
  35. Mechanical comparators are usually Robust and compact and easy to handle.

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