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Monday, 9 February 2015

Wind Energy

Wind Energy Points : wind energy, definition, components of wind power plant Wind flow is produced as a cause of solar energy which generates low and high pressure region on the earth due to heating. This wind is use to run a wind mill which in turn drives a generator to make electricity.
The various parts of this power plant are:
1) Electrical generator
2) Supporting structure
3) Gear box
4) Wind rotor
1) Electrical generator Shaft is extra connected to generator shaft. While shaft rotate, generation shaft in turn rotates produce electrical energy in generator. Therefore mechanical energy is changed into electrical energy. 2) Supporting structure Supporting constitution is planned to withstand wind load. Its type and height is linked to cost and transmission system integrated. Horizontal axis wind turbines are mounting on towers so as to be above level of turbulence and other ground related effect. 3) Gear box The shaft of hub acts as input to gear box. R.P.M. of shaft is enlarged in ratio upto 1: 100 in gear box, to generate electricity. 4) Wind rotor These blades (rotors) are connecting on hub which is connected to shaft. These blades contain specific design. Conversion of energy Kinetic energy = Mechanical energy = Electrical energy

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