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Friday, 6 February 2015

Solar Energy

Solar Energy Points : Solar Energy system, components of Flat Plate Solar Collector, Solar Power Plant Surface of earth obtain as of sun on 1014 kW of solar energy. The quantity of solar energy getting earth is not simply changeable. There are two observable obstacle in harnessing solar energy. First it is not continually accessible on earth and secondly energy is diffused. Thus it require a large capital speculation for change apparatus. Flat Plate Solar Collector A flat plate solar collector which consists of following components: i) An Absorber Plate Absorber plate it intercepts and absorbs solar radiations. ii) Transparent Covers Transparent covers are one or extra sheets of solar radiation transmit materials and are located over the absorber plate. They allocate solar energy to make absorber plate as reducing convection, conduction and re-radiation heat losses. iii) Insulation Insulation is placed under absorber plate. It minimizes and protects absorbing surface as of heat losses.
Solar Power Plant The necessary components of solar power plant are too accurately identical to thermal power plant excepting boiler is replace through a flat plate solar collector. The energy as of solar radiation is collect and utilized to produce a steam to run steam turbines. For obtain sensibly elevated efficiency application type of collectors are use as steam is use as working fluid. Cost of fixed collector is over flat plate collector. Thus, new working fluid whose infiltration temperature is lesser than that of water at greatly high pressures is usually used in this form of power plant. But the thermal efficiency of plant will be little due to low temperature range. This is additional proper in rural areas for house lighting and water pumping for irrigation use.

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