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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Nestler Boiler

Nestler Boiler Points : Nestler Boiler Fire tube type of fired horizontal axis boiler and boiler shell have of two mild steel thick plates by large number of fire tubes fitted among two plates. Larger diameter furnace tube extend as of burner end to other end is use for moving hot flue gases as of one smoke box to further smoke box. At rare end smoke box chimney is give for rejection of exhaust gases. Hot gases pass through furnace tube and go in into the rear end smoke box and go by through fire tubes to front end smoke box for last discharge by chimney. Water surrounding tubes get changed into steam and get composed in steam space. Oil is first heated equal to 80oc by electric heater before being supplied to burner for insertion into furnace tube. Blower is working for atomization of furnace oil into furnace. Such a boilers are able of make steam able to 10-11 bar.

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