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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Stirling Boiler

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Stirling Boiler Points : Advantages and Disadvantages of the Stirling Boiler,Advantages and Disadvantages stirling bent tube boiler Advantages
  1. Lastly, inner access to components is fine for cleaning and maintenance. Specially, it is feasible to replace individual water-tubes, with no need to dismantle a whole bank.
  2. The improved steam circulation provides the greatest steam quality for turbine (power generation) or process applications. The drum too minimizes water level swings to contain rapid and wide load changes.
  3. The grate area might simply be varied with no affect design of water circuit. This allows use of large grates for burning low-grade fuels, for example waste and refuse.
  4. Due to multiple pass through the tube banks and careful arrangement of movement and feedwater, boiler is usually fairly efficient.
  5. This design provides ease of maintenance (no furnace refractory), maximum safety and quicker installation.
  6. An extensive range of steam capacities, pressures and temperatures is presented to meet your specific application.
  1. Use of large diameter tubes control its capability to deal by high pressures, as other designs were opening to do around this time. Working pressure of 150psi was sufficient for driving a compound steam engine, but useless for a steam turbine.
  2. They had fewer accessibility and poorer inspection capability. Extensive time, labour and expense were necessary 10 open up or close the bolts in headers, and 10 remove or change the gaskets and handhole caps for tube inspection and replacement.
  3. Insufficient design and faulty fabrication of handhole caps resulted in much leakage, which was a continuous source of annoyance to the operators.
  4. Flow was sluggish due to low head and limited steam unfastens surface made inadequate parting of steam and water reducing steaming rate.
  5. The arrangement of tubes encouraged effectiveness in boiler, but not superheater temperature. Again, as developments moved away as of piston engines.
  6. The boiler is actually large for its power.

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