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Tie Rod End Service

Tie Rod End Service Points : Tie Rod End Service A worn tie rod end will also cause steering play. When you detected movement between the ball stud and its sockets install a new tie rod end. To remove a tie rod end separate the tie rod from the steering knuckle or center link. Be careful, not to damage any component.

Before loosening the adjustment sleeve measure or mark tie rod length. This will also help you to set the new tie rod at about the same length as the old one. The alignment of the front wheel is changed when the length of a tie rod is changed.

Loosen and unscrew the tie rod adjustment sleeve. Turn the new tie rod into the slave until it is of the exact length of the old tie rod. Install the tie rod ball stud in the center link or steering knuckle. Tighten check that all new cotter pins are installed and bent correctly. Tighten the adjustment slave and check steering action.

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