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Power Steering Pressure Test

Power Steering Pressure Test Points : Power Steering Pressure Test A power steering pressure test checks the operation of the power steering pump, pressure relief valve control valve holes and power piston. Connect a pressure gauge and shut off valve into the high-pressure hose. When using the steering system pressure tester follow manufacturers recommended procedure. Tight the hose fittings properly. Make sure the system is full of fluid, start and idle the engine (test valve open). While turning the steering wheel hack and forth. This will bring the fluid tip to Operating temperature. To check system pressure close the test valve, and compare your pressure readings with specifications. When the pressure reading is not within specifications check the relief valve and pump condition.
Caution Do not close the test valve for more than approximately Five Seconds. If closed longer, power steering system pump damage could result. To check the action of power piston, control valve and hoses measure system pressure as you turn the steering wheel to full lock (Right and Left) with the last valve open. Note the gauge readings and compare them to specifications. Use the information in a service manual to determine the source of any trouble.

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