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Idler Arm Service

Idler Arm Service Points : Idler Arm Service A worn idler arm will cause play in the steering wheel. The front wheels, mainly the right wheel, can turn without causing movement of the steering wheel. An idler arm is a very common wear point in a linkage steering system. To check an idler arm for wear grasp the outer and of the arm (end opposite frame). Force the idler arm up and down by hand. Note the amount of movement at the end of the arm. Compare this movement to the specifications.

Typically, an idler arm should not wiggle (play up and won more than about ¼ inch (6.5 mm). A worm idler arm is replaced by separating the outer end of the arm and the center link. A fork or puller can be used to force the idler arms ballasted out of the hole in the center link. Then unbolt the idler arm from the frame. Install the new idler arm in reverse order of removal. Make sure you torque the idler arm fastness tightly and properly. Install the new cotter pin and bend it properly.

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