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Friday, 3 October 2014

Strut Shock Absorber Service

Strut Shock Absorber Service Points : Strut Shock Absorber Service Most automakers recommended strut or shock cartridge (removable shock absorber unit) replacement when faulty. It can simply be installed in the strut outer housing to restore the strut to perfect condition. Other auto manufactures recommend that the strut shock absorber be rebuilt (repair) strut rebuilt procedure is always described in the workshop manual. Make sure that you have checked the strut hearing.
To reassemble and install the strut assembly, follow the reverse order of disassembly. Fit the strut into the compressor. Compressed the coil spring. Then install the upper spring seat and related components. Release the spring compressor and it is ready to install the strut in the car.
Lift the strut into position in the upper body mount. Attach the lower end of the strut to the steering knuckle or bearing support. Align your reference marks. Install and torque the fasteners to the specifications. Install any other parts as needed and recheck your work thoroughly.

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