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Friday, 3 October 2014

Strut Removal

Strut Removal Points :Suspension Strut Removal Strut removal involves unbolting the steering knuckle (front) or bearing support (rear), any break lines and the upper strut assembly to body fastener.
Remove the strut assembly (coil spring and shock absorber) as a single unit. Do not remove the nut on the end of the shock rod otherwise the unit could fly a part.
A strut spring compressor is needed to remove the coil spring from the strut. After the coil spring has been squeezed together, remove the upper damper assembly. Then, release spring tension and lift the spring off the strut inspect all parts closely.
Danger When compressing any suspension system spring, be extremely careful to position the compressor properly. If there is a chance for the spring to pop out of compressor, serious injuries or death could result.

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