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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Checking Ball Joint Wear

Checking Ball Joint Wear Points : Checking Ball Joint Wear To check the ball joint wears inspect the ball joint wear indicator or measure the play in the joint. With a ball joint ear indicator, simply inspect the shoulder on the joint to determine ball joint condition. If the shoulder on the joint is recessed, the joint should be replaced.

Another way to check ball joint wear involves jacking up the car and physically moving the control arm and joint. Depending upon the type of suspension you may need to raise the car by the frame or by lower control arm.

With the suspension properly raised, use a long steel pry bar t wiggle the tire up and down and side ways. While wiggling notes the amount of movement in hail joints. Contact the workshop manual of the vehicle under repair and compare the Specifications replace any ball joint that is worn too much.

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