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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Ball Joint Service and Lubrication

Ball Joint Service and Lubrication Points : Ball Joint Service and Lubrication Worn ball joints cause the steering knuckle and wheel assembly to be loose on the control arm. A won ball joint will make a chunking or popping sound when turning or over driving over a lump. Lubrication A ball joint wears due to lack of lubrication or due to on long use. To load carrying ball joints support the weight of car while swiveling into various angles. If the joint remain dry, they will wear out quickly. Grease nipple or lube plug are provided for ball joints lubrication. The plugs are removed and grease nipple fitted. A grease gun is used to inject grease into ball joint fittings. Warning When greasing a ball joint with a balloon scale (airtight scale) take care not to inject too much grease, which can rupture the rubber boot.

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