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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Types of Springs used in Automotive Suspension System

Types of Springs used in Automotive Suspension System Points : Types of Springs used in Automotive Suspension System The following four types of springs are used in automotive suspension system:
i. Coil Spring
ii. Leaf Spring
iii. Air Spring

iv. Torsion bar i Coil Spring It is made of a length of round spring steel rod; which has been wound into a coil. It is used both in front and rear suspension system.
ii. Leaf Spring It is also called as semi epical spring. There are two types of leaf springs:
a. Single-leaf spring
b. Multi-leaf spring
a. Single Leaf Spring It is also called as tapered plate. It is made finally long and wide either of steel or fiberglass. It is thin at the ends and thick at the center. It is usually used at the rear suspension of the vehicle with the predefined dead axle load of the vehicle.
b. Multi Leaf Spring It is made of a series of flat steel plates. These plates are of define length. These plates are placed one above. The plates or leaves are held together at the center by a spring center bolt, which passes through holes in the leaves. The leaves are clamped at different intervals of length along the spring with clips, which are called rebound clips. The longest leaf is called Master Spring Leaf. It is rolled at both ends to form eyes for attaching he spring to the frame. The boils are placed through spring eyes. Ends of second leaf arc also rolled partway round the spring eyes to strengthen the master leaf.
Leaves are of graduated length. The leaves slip over each other to take care of pull a part find push together tendencies of the two edges of the beam. To permit these to slip easily, different types of lubricants between the leaves are used. To attach the leaf spring to frame, one eye of the spring is placed in a hanger of the frame. On compression the leaf spring will flex and its length will increase and 10 accommodate this increase the other eye of the spring is attached to the frame through a spring shackle. It is a swinging support made of two metal strips. The shackle gives room to the leaf spring when it lengthens or shortens during operation. Leaf spring wind up is a condition causing the rear wheels to flex when driving or braking force is applied to the suspension system. The twisting and distortion of the spring can cause body squat and dive.

iii. Air Spring It is typically a two-ply rubber cylinder filled with air. On both ends two caps are made for installing. ‘When the air is filled in, it gives a spring action like a coil spring but it is lighter than a coil spring. It gives smoother ride.
iv. Torsion Bar It is another type of spring, it is made of a large spring steel rod. One end of the torsion bar is attached to the frame and the other to the suspension system control arm. It is twisted when the suspension system moves up and down but it will try to flex back into its original shape. Therefore the suspension arm comes back to its original place. The other end of the shock fastens to the frame. In this way, the shock rod is pulled in and out to resist the movement.

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