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Monday, 22 September 2014

Components of Suspension System

Components of Suspension System Points :Components Parts of Suspension System, Elementary Parts of Suspension System Springs and related pails that support the weight of the vehicle body are the axles and wheels. The springs and shock absorbers are two main parts of the suspension system. The springs support the already described weight of the vehicle and prescribed load on vehicle and absorb road shocks, and the shock absorbers damper or absorb die spring action. Oscillation occurs when the spring is depressed due to road shock, which keep the wheel housing up and down after they pass bumps or holes and which is harmful during motion at speed. The shock absorber allows the basic spring movement, but quickly dampens out the unwanted bouncing that follows.
Now a days springs and shock absorbers can he the spring and shock absorbers mechanically or electrically controlled.

The suspension system also contains the following:
1. Control Arm It is an enviable lever that fastens steering knuckle to the frame or unitized body . 2. Steering Knuckle It provides support for wounding wheel hub bearing and wheel assembly. 3. Ball Joint It is also known as swivel joint. It allows control arm and steering Knuckle to move up and down. 4. Spring It supports weight of car. It also flexes to permit control arm and wheel to move up and down. 5. Shock Absorber It is also called damper. It prevents the suspension from continues bonnet after compression and extension of spring. 6. Control Arm Bushing It is a sleeve that allows control arm to swing up and down on the vehicle. 7. Strut Rod It fastens to the oater end of the lower control arm and to the frame. It does not allow the control arm to swing to ward the rear or front of the car. The front of the strut rod has rubber bushing, which softens the action of the strut rod. These bushings allow a controlled amount of lower control arm movement while allowing full suspension travel.

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