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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Shaper and Planer - Fill in the blanks

Shaper and Planer - Fill in the blanks Points : Shaper and Planer Machine, Shaper and Planer Fill in the blanks, Shaper and Planer Machine Objective Question Answers
  1. The work-piece is held in the Table of the shaper.
  2. T slots are given in the table.
  3. Shaper size is determined by Ram.
  4. There are Three types of shapers.
  5. Crank shapers are most commonly used.
  6. The Vise and column_ provide the main support and structure for the machine.
  7. A swivel or rotating table allows for a greater Freedom of machining.
  8. The amount of swivel is 45 degree.
  9. The table is locked in position by Three clamps.
  10. Parallels are steel or cast iron bars with Opposite sides parallel and adjacent sides square.

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