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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Grinder Machine - Multiple Choice Questions

Grinder Machine - Multiple Choice Questions Points :Mcqs, Grinder Machine, Grinding Machine Multiple Choice Questions Answers, Grinder Machine Objective Question Answers 1. The clearance between the tool rest and the wheel should never exceed ______.
A. 3/16”
B. 1/16”
C. 1/4”
D. 1/8”

2. Grinding is the process of removing material by a ________ action.
A. Rubbing
B. Cutting
C. Polishing
D. Wearing

3. After dressing a wheel it may be necessary to adjust the ___________.
A. Guard
B. Eye shield
C. Tool rest
D. All of these

4. The main purpose of a grinding wheel guard is to?
A. Limit grinding to a small part of the wheel
B. Protect the operator from flying sparks
C. Prevent pieces from being thrown from a broken grinding wheel
D. All of the above

5. The use of excessive part pressure against the grinding wheel on a pedestal grinder or a bench grinder can cause:
A. The wheel to break
B. Hand to slip and hit the wheel
C. Finger burns from hot part
D. All conditions listed

6. For best eye protection when grinding, always:
A. Use the grinder’s glass eye shield
B. Use the grinder’s glass eye shield and wear goggles
C. Use the grinder’s glass eye shield and wear a face shield
D. Either B or C

7. Which one of the following parts of a grinding wheel should not be used when grinding a part on a bench or pedestal grinder?
A. The side of the wheel
B. Left edge of the wheel
C. Right edge of wheel
D. Center of wheel

8. A utility grinder mounted on its own freestanding base is called?
A. Freestanding grinder
B. An upright grinder
C. A post grinder
D. A pedestal grinder

9. When hand grinding a very short part on a bench or pedestal grinder, the part should be:
A. Clamped to the tool rest
b. Held with vise grip pliers
C. Held with long nose pliers
D. Held by hand

10. Which of the following are used to dress and true an abrasive grinding wheel on a tool and utility grinder?
A. Diamond tool wheel dresser
B. Abrasive stick wheel dressing tool
C. Huntington wheel dresser and abrasive wheel dresser
D. All of the preceding

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