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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Shaper and Planer - True and False

Shaper and Planer - True and False Points : Shaper and Planer Machine, Shaper and Planer True and False, Shaper and Planer Machine Objective Question Answers
  1. To make accurate cuts with a shaper requires that you choose the correct cutting tool.T
  2. A vise, fastened to the shaper table.T
  3. Parallels are steel or cast iron bars with opposite sides parallel and adjacent side square.T
  4. An angle plate is sometimes clamped to a shaper table.T
  5. Before mounting the work peace Clean the work-piece and the vise.T
  6. Correctly mount the work-piece in the vise.T
  7. Tighten the stroke regulator locknut.T
  8. Like shaping machines, planning machines are also basically used for producing flat surfaces in different planes.T
  9. Planning machines are more productive than shaping machines.F
  10. Shaper and Planer produce same work.T

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