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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Need of Shock Absorber Service

Need of Shock Absorber Service Points : Need of Shock Absorber Service A Shock absorber, which causes a car to ride poorly on rough roads when the tire strikes a lump and shock absorber, does not dampen spring oscillations. The suspension system will continue to go up and down (bounce and rebound). This movement is transferred to the frame, body and Passenger compartment.

A loose or damaged shock absorber may produce a bounce, cloaking or banging sound. The rapid up and down suspension movement can hammer the loose shock absorber against the body, shock tower or control arm. Air and gas charged shock absorbers are replaced using the same general procedure which is used for conventional shock absorbers. Gas filled shock absorbers must be replaced when these shock absorbers are not repairable.

The most common problem with the air shock absorber is the air leakage. The airlines, air valve or shocks can develop pinhole leaks that let air pressure leaked out. To find air leaks wipe on a water and soap solution at possible leakage points (airlines fittings, around shock boots and air valve), if bubbles appear at fittings, it should be tightened or replaced with a new one.

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