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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Molding - True and False

Molding - True and False Points : Molding Metal Foundry, Casting, Molding True and False, Molding Objective Question Answers
  1. Three distinct journeys must be taken to correct sporadic defects.T
  2. The stack, which carries the gases from the melting zone to the atmosphere.T
  3. Reducing zone or protection zone is the portion located from the bottom of the combustion zone to the top of the coke bed.T
  4. The cupola furnace has received a lot of negative publicity in recent years.F
  5. A core is a device used in casting and molding processes to produce external cavities and reentrant angles.T
  6. Employing a drawback in the mold could also mold the overhanging boss.T
  7. The portion located just above the coke bed to the top of the metal (iron) is called the melting zone.T
  8. At the end of the melting campaign, charging is stopped but the air blast is maintained until all of the metal is melted and tapped off.T
  9. Dry sand cores overcome some of the disadvantages of the green-sand cores.T
  10. Cupola is similar to the blast furnace.F

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