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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Molding - Fill in the blanks

Molding - Fill in the blanks Points : Molding Metal Foundry, Casting, Molding Fill in the blanks, Molding Machine Objective Question Answers
  1. A typical cupola furnace consists of a water-cooled Vertical cylinder which is lined with refractory material.
  2. After smoothing the joint and spreading the parting sand, a cope is placed over the Pattern.
  3. A cupola is capable of accepting a wide range of Materials without reducing melt quality.
  4. A platform or scaffold is constructed at a convenient level below the charging door, and all stock is charged into the Casting from this platform.
  5. Green Sand cores are not a typical type of core in that it is part of the cope and drag but still form an internal feature.
  6. Shrinkage cavity normally found in heavy sections of a casting; but, the funnel shape defect does not extend to the surface.
  7. A crack, often scarcely visible because the casting has not separated into Fragment.
  8. The use of cupola furnaces is one of the oldest processes for making Cast Iron and is still among the dominant technologies in the world.
  9. Cupola is simple and economical to operate.
  10. The portion occupied from the top surface of the melting zone to the charging door is called Preheating Zone.

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