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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Molding - Multiple Choice Questions

Molding - Multiple Choice Questions Points :Mcqs, Molding Metal Foundry, Casting, Molding Multiple Choice Questions Answers, Molding Objective Question Answers 1. Narrow cavities resembling tears or fissures, generally ____________ to the surface of the casting.
a. Perpendicular
b. Parallel
c. Single
d. All of these

2. Shrink is always caused by the ________ contrition of metal during solidification.
a. Pressure
b. Volume
c. Temperature
d. Gas

3. A cavity that emerges to the surface in reentrant angles of the pattern, at gates or at isolated surfaces that are characterized by _____ solidification.
a. Slow
b. High
c. Top
d. Bottom

4. The upper or extended areas of the casting are not filled is called:
a. Mutilation
b. Poured Short
c. Hot Cracking
d. Hot tearing

5. Areas of the casting are thinner than me pattern or they are deformed in relation to the original pattern.
a. Mutilation
b. Improper shrinkage Allowance
c. Casting Distortion
d. Metal penetration

6. A ________ in the form of a crevice that is visible to the naked eye.
a. Discontinuity
b. Continuity
C. Quench Cracking
d. Cold Shut or Cold Lap

7. A linear discontinuity with rounded edges is called:
a. Quench Cracking
b. Cold Shut or Cold Lap
c. Surface Folds or Gas Runs
d. Sink Marks

8. Pattern making is the first stage for developing a new casting.
a. Welding
b. Molding
c. Casting
d. Melting

9. Patterns can be of different types depending on the ________ and size of the part to be manufactured.
a. Shape
b. Volume
c. Pressure
d. Temperature

10. The shrinkage allowance for metal casting varies by the type of________.
a. Material
b. Metal
c. Gas
d. Pattern

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