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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Advance Welding - Fill in the blanks

Advance Welding - Fill in the blanks Points : Advance Welding, Advance Welding Fill in the blanks, Advance Welding Objective Question Answers
  1. Spot welding is a process in which contacting metal §surfaces are Joint.
  2. Regulators are used for Controlling pressure.
  3. The basic arc welding circuit is AC & DC .
  4. Pressure of accetelene gas is 275psi.
  5. There are Two types of regulators.
  6. Electrode is a Filling material used in arc welding.
  7. Pressure of oxygen gas is 2000psi.
  8. AC stands for Alternate current.
  9. DC stands for Direct Current.
  10. Gases are mixed in Torch.

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