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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Advance Welding - True and False

Advance Welding - True and False Points : Advance Welding, Advance Welding True and False, Advance Welding Objective Question Answers
  1. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding is a welding process performed using the heat of an are established between a non consumable tungsten electrode and the work piece.T
  2. If electricity is not available than generators are used.T
  3. The arc produces a temperature of about 96000 °C at the tip and melts art of the metal being welded and part of the electrode.F
  4. Seam welding is a process that produces a weld at the faying surfaces of two similar metals.T
  5. The pressures that you read on regulator gauges is called gauge pressure.T
  6. Various types of coated electrodes are used in arc welding.T
  7. Oxygen is a colorless, tasteless, and odorless gas.T
  8. The electrode cable and the ground cable are important parts of the welding circuit.T
  9. Oxygen and acetylene gases are used in gas welding.T
  10. Acetylene is a flammable fuel gas.T

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