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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Advance Welding - Multiple Choice Questions

Advance Welding - Multiple Choice Questions Points :Mcqs, Advance Welding, Advance Welding Multiple Choice Questions Answers, Advance Welding Objective Question Answers 1. The purpose of fusible plugs on an acetylene cylinder is to provide a ___________.
a. Means of draining condensation from the cylinder
b. Convenient place t fill the tank
c. Place on the tank to refill the acetone when it is depleted
d. Safety valve for excessive internal pressure to be released

2. Never release fuel gases _________.
a. In patio construction areas
b. around fumes removal equipment
c. In confined spaces
d. None of these

3. Oxygen or fuel gas from a cylinder may be used only, through ___________.
a. Any reducing regulator
b. An approved gas specific pressure reducing regulator
c. A ¼ inch copper coil
d. A manifold unit

4. Which lubricant(s) should be used when connecting the parts of an oxy fuel gas welder?
a. Oil
b. Pipe-fitting compounds
c. Thread lubricants
d. None of these

5. Gas welding equipment should be systematically checked for leaks using _______.
a. Soap and water
b. Saltwater solution
c. Antifreeze and water solution
d. Non detergent soap and water soIution

6. The oxygen cylinder should be turned on ______ when used in oxy-fuel gas welding.
a. All the way
b. 3/4 turn
c. 1/2 turn
d. 1 turn

7. The acetylene cylinder valve should be opened ___________ when gas welding.
a. All the way
b. One-fourth turn
c. Three fourths of a turn
d. Slightly

8. The acetylene cylinder valve wrench should be left in position to __________.
a. Close the valve promptly if the need arises
b. Prevent it from being lost
c. Prevent leakage
d. Make closing the cylinder valve easier

9. Threads on the acetylene hose are ____________.
a. Left hand threads
b. Right hand threads
c. UNF — threads
d. UNC threads

10. Acetylene cylinders should be stored ___________.
a. Apart from oxygen cylinders
b. In an upright position
c. Away from combustibles
d. None of these

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