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Specification of Broaching Machines

Specification of Broaching Machines Points : Specification of Broaching Machines The main dimensions specify the capacity of broaching machine is utmost pulling force developed by the slide and its length of stroke. Vertical broaching machines are prepared by single, double or multiple rams. Stroke of broach can be able to 2500 mm and weight of machine can be able to 50 tons. Horizontal broaching machines are made to handle broaches able to 2300 mm long and 300 mm diameter. They have capacity as of 5 to 50 tons. The incessant broaching machines are standard machines, but their chain size, handling equipment, broach support, and so on, can be customized to fit an exacting job.

Maximum workpiece diameter 340 mm
Cutting speed (changeable) 1 to 10 m/mm
Weight of machine 2450 Kg
Maximum stroke 1320 mm
Maximum pulling force 5000 kg
Return Speed 30 m/mm
Maximum broach diameter 60 mm
Total power necessary 6.5kW

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