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Advantages and Disadvantages of Broaching

Advantages and Disadvantages of Broaching Points : Advantages and Disadvantages of Broaching Advantages
  1. 6. Broaching makes the valuable uses of cutting fluids as it make easy the flow of cutting fluid into cuts.
  2. When the machining cycle is fairly easy, broaching process does not require an extremely skilled operator.
  3. Broaching is faster than further machining process, resulting in high rate of production by better finish and more precision.
  4. It is also able to process internal and external surface including complex shaped cavities.
  5. Due to faster operation and longer tool life, it is comparatively cheaper.
  6. Broach makes both roughing and finishing process.
  1. Broaching machine is an extremely costly machine tool. Then the operation is necessary only for mass production.
  2. Broach sharpening is a costly and complex process and requires a separate sharpening process.
  3. Surface having a difficulty in way of broach travel cannot be machined.
  4. Blind holes cannot be simply formed through broaching.
  5. Subtle and very light jobs are hard to broach.
  6. Initial cost of broach is extremely high.

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