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Principal Parts of Broach

Principal Parts of Broach Points : Principal Parts of Broach, The main parts of Broach machine are given below:
1. Pitch
2. Neck
3. Land
4. Front Pilot
5. Roughing Teeth
6. Pull End
7. Finishing Teeth
8. Rear Pilot and Follower Rest
9. Height of the Teeth
1. Pitch Pitch is distance among two corresponding points on two successive teeth of broach. Usually pitch of finishing teeth broach is kept moderately smaller than rough cutting teeth. 2. Neck Neck is necessary so that broach, as inserted into workpiece, can be simply attached to puller head by latter in position adjacent to faceplate or platen of broaching machine. Front taper helps workpiece to be extra easily put on front pilot of broach. Its length ranges as of 5 to 20 mm. 3. Land Land is width of flank face of broach usually it is kept slightly inclined to give relief angle to flank face of broach. 4. Front Pilot This centres broach in the hole to finished just before initiate of processing. 5. Roughing Teeth These are cutting edges which eliminate larger quantity of stocks through cutting. Bigger amount removal generates poor quality of surface finish but create operation faster. 6. Pull End Pull end is made to fasten the broach to broaching machine through puller head. 7. Finishing Teeth These are cutting edges remove lesser stock of material. These are use for finishing of surfaces and their precise sizing. 8. Rear Pilot and Follower Rest It is supporting device to broach as it is possible to complete its process of broaching. 9. Height of the Teeth Height of roughing and final teeth steadily increases from shank to finishing teeth. This increase is call the cut per tooth, it depends on material being machined. Usually cut per tooth is taken as of 0.01 or 0.2 mm for finishing teeth and it might go up 0.2 mm for cutting teeth.

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