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Parts of Broaching Machine

Parts of Broaching Machine Points : Parts of Broaching Machine, Components of Broaching Machine Broaching machine is machine planned for machining, or finishing, surface of metal parts. It consists of work table or various other fixtures to hold part in position, a broaching tool with drive mechanism.
1. Drive Mechanism
2. Broaching Tool
3. Work Table
4. Broaching Fixtures
5. Component tray
6. Guide ways
7. Stroke adjustments
8. Safety
1. Drive Mechanism Drive mechanism of broaching machine is usually hydraulic or electromechanical. In also case, its function is to push or pull broaching tool across surface of part. Part, itself, remains motionless. 2. Broaching Tool Broaching tool is cutting tool by graduated cutting teeth set in a row. Each one of cutting teeth removes just a fraction of an inch as of surface of metal, but, as teeth become increasingly higher, more metal is removed. 3. Work Table Work table, or fixture, provides to tilt and grip part in place for broaching. The center of the part and the center of the broaching tool are typically aligned with an offset of 1 degree, which creates a scalloping effect on the metal surface. 4. Broaching Fixtures These are use where workpieces require fixing or where a exact position of broach is necessary. 5. Component tray The component tray has a provision to drain oil on broached components back into the machines. 6. Guide ways Pull bridge is guided with the guide bars. These bars are toughened hard crome plated with are finished by close tolerance to give jerk free movement. 7. Stroke adjustments Positioning of stroke is adjusted with two limit switches. Two additional limit switches at upper and lower turnaround point of machine can be providing for security reasons. 8. Safety Machine in process requires the two push buttons mount on front of machine. To be pushed by both hands. This avoids the danger of hand of operator to be in machine as in motion. Thus risk accident is completely avoided.

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