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Specification of Milling Machine

Specification of Milling Machine Points : Specification of Milling Machine Along by the type of milling machine, it has to be specifying with its size. Commonly size of a typical milling machine is selected as given below:
  1. Size of worktable with its movement range table length x table width like 900 x 275 mm.
    Table movements: Longitudinal travel x Cross x Vertical like 600 x 200 x 400 mm.
    Over travels point to maximum movement in a direction.
  2. Maximum longitudinal movement and cross feed of the table.
  3. Number of feeds presented (give their values).
  4. Number of spindle speeds (give their values).
  5. Maximum distance the knee can travel.
  6. Power of the main drive motor.
  7. Number of spindle speeds.
  8. Floor space necessary.
  9. Total power existing.
  10. Spindle nose taper.
  11. Net weight.

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