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Applications of Shaper Machine

Applications of Shaper Machine Points : Applications of Shaper Machine, Applications of Shaping Machine, Uses of shaper machine Shaping machines are neither productive nor versatile. Shaper machine is a cutting machine to cuts a linear tool trail using is linear relative motion among single point cutting tool with the piece of work. This form of machine is generally use to machine flat, straight surfaces, though it is also able to present more difficult operation with the machining of gear teeth, dovetail slides, and internal spline, keyways in boss of also gears or pulleys with various other forms of work that take benefit of the machines linear relative motion. Machining flat surfaces in different planes show flat surfaces are formed in shaping machines by single point cutting tools in (a) horizontal, (b) vertical and (c) inclined planes.

Some unusual work can also be done, if needed, by developing and using special attachments. Making grooves with gear teeth cutting in shaping machine by form tools. Though, due to extremely low efficiency, less versatility and poor method capability, shaping machines are not working for lot and even batch production. Such low cost ancient machine tools might be sensibly use only for little or few machining work on one or few pieces necessary for repair and maintenance work in small machine shops.

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